Zero impact

In the tradition from which we started, our deepest roots are rooted
Respect for people and the environment that welcomed us, safety in all production processes and compliance with regulations are just some of the cornerstones that guide us.

The value

of people, of the territory, of history and traditions.
It is the founding asset from which every our thought, every our choice, every our action moves.

The Humanity

that shines through the glass of our bottles you can feel it in our flavours, you can see it in the people who give their best every day to transform the life of our places into authentic taste experiences and expressions of surprise.
Love, you know, always wins.


We constantly search for it: in raw materials, in production processes, in the people who work, in the flavors that we produce
We have obtained the ISO 9001 and IFS certifications, testimony of our commitment to maximum quality.

Zero impact

We work continuously to reduce the impact that our processes have on the environment: from the energy we use to labeling to procurement of raw materials
We are constantly looking for the best solutions to do as little harm as possible to future generations.


is what many call Think Green. We turn our thoughts into real actions.
Attention to the environment, respect for people, maximum quality of the products that our customers consume.
That’s the difference.

A long tradition
that brings us into
Italian homes.

Whether it is a cream for sweets or a limoncello, or cream or grappa, families have learned to live with our brand on their shelves, in their cupboards or in their refrigerators.
We have always been synonymous with quality at affordable prices and, for this reason, the large distribution has rewarded our policy over the years.

National groups such as Pac 2000, Agorà Network, Megamark, Maiora, Ama
Crai est, Moderna 2020,
Crai est, Moderna 2020, Sisa Sicilia, Apulia Distribuzione, Centro 3A, Gambardella, Multicedi, Tato
Paride, Sidi piccolo, Lando Spa,

Qui discount and many others have now consolidated the three-way relationship that has been created between Russo1899 and consumers, acting as intermediaries between us and their homes, sure not to disappoint them just for our quality and our prices.

In the world, on the other hand, they have given us trust:
Granarolo suisse, Angelini wine, Commercial cbg, Vyno kelias, Carnevale ltd,
Caves wengler, Mip sarl, Meta import export, Buongustaio handels, Bresser
& timmer, Koyo industries, The high street trading company, Avance import,
Garcia diaz, Lettieri food, Epasta sas, Feinlost & vinothek, Organizacao
verdemar, Prestige food & wine, Sica import Food accademia, Emporio italia,
Moro ltd, Sas flunch, Amovino distributors, Zona sul s/a, Masino casilli gbr.

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