The centre of everything.
Where each of our creature is born.
creatura. technique
technology and heart

Thanks to the expertise of our team of chemists, we translate into high-quality products the inspirations that come from the lands of Italy, their traditions, secrets, and people.
A laboratory that encloses within it the necessary and state-of-the-art equipment to never leave anything to chance or exclude any path that could mean goodness and delight for our customers.

The guarantee that what we do is in line with national and international regulations, product safety, and, above all, respect for the women and men who trust us every day by choosing our spirits.


Hplc Shimadzu
with das and RID DETECTORS

Gc_ms with single quadripole Shimadzu

Gc 6850 agilent
1 steam current distiller
30 liters

1 steam current distiller 2l

1 distiller for alcohol degree control

1 hydrostatic balance alcohol
degree control GIBERTINI

1 Anton paar densimeter

1 thermostatic stove 30 degrees 300 degrees C

Laboratory glassware

uv spectrophotometer at wavelength
190nm 1100nm, STERO brand

1 crison 0-14 pH-meter model

1 BUCHI brand rotavapor

Within the framework of the growth project that the company is carrying out in terms of product quality and corporate processes, the I-Pro-Med project was born in 2021.
In addition to allowing us to increase and improve the necessary equipment, this will allow us to acquire new skills in the field of research and innovation in the future.

I-Pro-Med will allow us to seize new opportunities in the design of new products, such as bio or alcohol-free products, in the field of production innovation and new forms of consumption..

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