We were born
in a sea
of emotions.

We were born in a sea of emotions.
Contrasting, true, sincere.
At the center of a centuries-old and uninterrupted crossroads: people, stories, flavors, scents, madness, know-how, contaminations, opposite cultures, genuineness, art, passion, colors, beliefs, spirituality, magic, contradictions, excellence, cunning, wisdom, joys and pains.

Life celebrated in all its facets. All in a bright, blue wave.
A feeling that stays in the eyes and doesn’t go away from the mind and heart if you have the luck to come here at least once in your life.

Imagine for those who were born here: it is an indispensable way of life, a DNA that comes out everywhere and in everything.

Starting from the sea of Ischia in 1899, we embarked on a centuries-old journey through the Campania lands, from the Amalfi Coast to the Neapolitan and Salernitan inland, making the most of all the traditions of this corner of paradise.

Our greatest success? Bringing a sip of Mediterranean traditions and culture, irreplaceable and unique, into every glass of our distilled, liqueur, elixir or syrup.

RUSSO1899 has the Mediterranean inside. Vincenzo Russo Sole Administrator

Guglielmo Russo

Manager, from the 70s, responsible for the growth of the company as we see it today. He passed on to new generations his passion, expertise, and skills.

Vincenzo Russo

The third generation.
The new push towards innovation and growth, a result of projects based on market analysis and trends, top-level partnerships, and the undisputed quality of products.

Valentina Russo

Guglielmo’s daughter, she knows every secret of the sector and represents the balance between the necessary imagination of the distillery world and the more practical needs of the company, managing its administrative aspects with undisputed vision and competence.

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