An intuition born in the 2000s.
The tastes of our customers were changing, becoming more refined and demanding:
now, in addition to the pleasure of an alcoholic elixir, a softness and delicacy that enveloped the palate was required.
that enveloped the palate was required.
The refinement of a milk cream that meets the fragrances and flavors of our
most traditional liqueurs such as limoncello, strawberry, melon liqueur, but also new flavors such as pistachio.
A treat. . That’s exactly what it is.
We needed to tell you again for the umpteenth time that we love you
and that we lose sleep and reason for you to bring
new taste surprises to your tables

Melon, lemon, strawberry, pistachio: once again, the fruits of our beloved Mediterranean basin inspired and guided us in the search for your happiness.

Our alcoholic creams are perfect for after dinner, served cold (never frozen)..

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